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Botulinum toxin (Botox) is a bacteria-derived substance that, when injected into the skin in small doses, blocks nerve signals and weakens or paralyzes facial muscles in a way that diminishes the look of wrinkles. For frown lines, crows feet, forehead furrows and other common wrinkles, this facial rejuvenation technique can replace fine lines with smooth, youthful skin that makes a patient feel more attractive overall. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with other cosmetic skin treatment techniques such as chemical peels or microdermabrasion.

How Botox Works

Injecting botox is an outpatient procedure that requires no anesthesia, downtime or recovery time. While a treatment can be performed in less than 15 minutes, it requires a highly skilled physician to pinpoint the right location(s) for injections. A typical procedure works like this: using a very thin needle, Dr. Potyondy injects small amounts of Botox diluted in saline (sodium chloride) into specific facial muscles, carefully avoiding the muscles that aren’t creating wrinkles. The number and location of these injections depends upon the patient’s unique situation and extent of wrinkles; some procedures require two injections, while others demand more than five. After treatment, the patient can resume normal activities right away, although he or she should avoid rubbing the treated areas as much as possible.

Results from Botox Injections

A patient will usually see results from Botox injections within 24 to 72 hours, or, in less common cases, after up to a week of time. Smoother skin typically lasts three to four months, until the Botox begins to fade, at which point nerve signals and resulting wrinkles reappear. At this point, the patient may choose to repeat the treatment. There are few side effects from Botox injections and only in rare cases do patients experience adverse reactions, any of which should be looked at by the physician.
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