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Male Breast Reduction

It is not only women who can suffer from overdeveloped or enlarged breasts—and for the men who experience gynecomastia, a condition involving excess fat, tissue development and/or skin in their chest, breast reduction offers an excellent treatment option. This cosmetic surgery also known as reduction mammoplasty can effectively reduce a man’s breast size, flatten chest contours and restore a healthy, proportionate appearance. Breast reduction surgery works best for nonsmoking, non-drug-using, healthy men of relatively normal weight who do not have life-threatening illnesses or medical conditions that slow healing.

What Happens in Surgery

For men who are deemed a good fit for breast reduction surgery, there is a three-step process. Here is how the procedure works, whether it is treating unilateral (one breast) or bilateral (both breasts) enlargement:
  1. Anesthesia: The first step in a breast reduction surgery is either intravenous sedation or general anesthesia, depending on what Dr. Potyondy recommends for the patient’s comfort.
  2. Removal of Fatty Tissue: To remove excess fatty tissue, the surgeon may use various liposuction techniques involving a small, hollow tube called a cannula and several small incisions. Loosening and vacuuming out the fat, the surgeon will be able to reduce the size of the breast area.
  3. Removal of Tissue or Excess Skin: In situations where there is glandular breast tissue or extra skin at the site, Dr. Potyondy will also use what is called excision. Through this part of the procedure, the areola is reduced and the nipple repositioned to create a more normal-looking appearance.
After surgery, the patient will have dressings or bandages at the site where incisions have been made, potentially along with small, temporary tubes placed under the skin to drain blood or fluids. The physician’s instructions for care, medications and infection prevention will be crucial to ensuring a successful healing process.

Results to Expect

Results from a male breast reduction procedure will be visible immediately, and, as swelling and lines fade over time, those results should only improve. So while there are no guarantees with a breast reduction, good results are common, and most men find that they achieve an improved body image and self-confidence from treatment.

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